The role of “Dark Beings” ~ Psychic Attacks ~ Outdated Perceptions

Lately, it has been brought into my awareness a topic that I kind of avoided to write about for obvious reasons, but I felt guided to write a few words about it now, especially because there’s a letting go of old belief systems theme and since many people ask me about it.  The subject is “Dark” Beings that are trying to sabotage us or the Ascension process. I feel like a lot of people tend to blame someone or something outside of themselves for something that’s happening to them. Yet, nothing is happening TO you, without your permission and Soul agreement, ever, so basically you are making it happen for different reasons that you may or may not be aware of at that moment.

There is literally no one that is trying to sabotage you, or our Ascension process, as all beings are on board with Humanity’s Ascension and we’re all working in the highest interests of All. Most of the time things are not what they seem and there’s always a higher reason behind them.

 Yes, the oh so “dark” reptilians, anunnaki and greys are on board with our Ascension process  as well and they facilitate it too. Some people speak about constantly being psychically attacked, but there are no real attacks in reality. Now I can feel some of you thinking “Oh, but I’ve experienced this and that..”, or  “ That person told me this and that.. ”. All I’m asking is to ask yourself this question: How can attacks happen to you when you have Freewill ?  Sometimes the mind tends to misinterpret, judge and fear that which is not familiar and it can perceive certain situations in numerous ways, yet in your Heart you will find the Simplified Truths that will allow a Higher Understanding and Awareness to integrate and pour through you. Always check in there first.

I have noticed over time many people on the Internet who keep spreading misinformation, unnecessary fear-mongering stuff and turn everything into a battle between Light and Dark. That is Duality, Separation, Illusion.  In Truth, there is no such thing and as we let go of outdated perceptions and bring our True Wisdom to the surface, that will become more and more clear. As always, use discernment.

In the past things there were beings trying to control, but it was all a collective agreement we’ve made because we wanted to experience Duality, right ? It was a choice. And so the experience of Duality wouldn’t be an experience of Duality without bad vs good.  However, the past is in the past. Now things are a lot different, because while there are still beings who play greedy/power-hungry people roles – especially in the governments – , such dysfunctional structures are slowly dissolving, because such behaviours are no longer supported/necessary. As more people awaken to who they are and step into their Power, the “ not to do’s ” lessons accomplish their purpose and the dysfunction dissolves.

 It is all part of the Divine Plan and it is all orchestrated by us All and by All, I mean literally All, that includes people in governments, for We are All One. They merely chose quite uncomfortable “dark” roles to teach us stuff and their courage and sacrifice is to be admired.

My point is that it’s just not very beneficial to constantly be focused on all this stuff, because it’s illusionary. There needs to be a choice in terms of what you want to focus your energy upon: co-creating the New or maintaining the Old. All choices are respected. In Truth, we are Now moving into an Era of Love, Harmony and Compassion, as decreed by All. Have a wonderful weekend!

Much Love, Wisdom and Power,


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14 thoughts on “The role of “Dark Beings” ~ Psychic Attacks ~ Outdated Perceptions”

  1. I’m glad you did too! Sometimes you just need to do what feels “right”, even though you may have some reservations (ie, your “mind” says no, but your heart says yes). I’ve been paying much more attention to what my “heart” says lately. I haven’t regretted it yet.



  2. I beg to differ on this post.. Although I agree with most of it, I don’t think physical and mental attacks is purely an illusion.
    I embrace love and each day I try to better myself by pushing beyond the limits and evolving in the best way that I can by being that example of Divine Love but each night I have to battle unseen forces, forces that I believe are hell bent on destroying any progress in moving forward to a more loving environment. This has been ongoing for over 8 years bringing many sleepless nights.
    I don’t say this to bring fear to anyone but more so to share my point of view.

    1. I understand, Niall and I respect your perspective, thank you for sharing it.
      Yet, a question to ask yourself is why did you choose to experience these seemingly psychic attacks ? (I’m not trying to invalidate your experience, because I have experienced what people call “psychic attacks” before myself.), but there is a higher reason why you chose this kind of experiences for yourself, because it is a choice that is made on a Soul level indeed, most likely it’s all about growth. There could be numerous reasons and each individual’s experience is different, so ask for clarity towards this situation and that is what you will receive. We don’t see the bigger picture a lot of the time, but our Higher Self does.

  3. Hey Eddie
    Thank you for your point of view. I’m sure that with all you said there is truth throughout and in regards to your question, I feel as though I probably have brought this into my life.
    Spiritual attacks always fascinated me and i read a lot into it. I had this idea back then that I wanted to become a priest and battle these forces that hold people back so I studied exorcisms in the hope that I could one day I would be knowledgeable in that field enough in order to follow this dream.
    So with that been said and of all you said, maybe i have attracted this into my life all those years back.
    its been a long road but being honest, i wouldn’t change a thing that has happened in my life. These attacks i feel have the powers to break the strongest of people but throughout the sorrow and heartache they lay upon me, they have made me the person i am today so instead of looking at them like they are dark or evil, i view it like they are a motivator to strengthen my soul.
    I have grown immensely over the Las 8 years because simply, throughout it all as i searched for help and a way and means to stop it, i realised that no one can help me only myself and this is where i am now….. Fighting back with my creations and seeking the balance to my life.
    It would take a book to describe in detail what has happened throughout the years of which i hope to write one day.
    i hope that little bit of info gives you insight into my life. Thanks again for sharing with me and may blessings be laid upon you for your kind words.

    1. Exactly, Niall. You created this experience for yourself for reasons you already know. The whole thing is for your highest good and growth.
      In Truth, You are not fighting anyone, but yourself. You don’t have to fight with your creations, you simply have to shift your focus and intentions on creating what you really want to create through the Heart, which is always pure source creation. You have to CHOOSE to let go of the inner conflict, cause it’s just not very beneficial for anyone. That is when you will naturally find balance. Being at Peace and in Harmony with yourself is a lot better, I guarantee.
      Anyways, just throwing my inner knowing around here. lol
      If you are meant to write a book, you will do so, I am sure. Taking action and small steps towards this will guarantee its success, because you are telling the Universe that that is what you want and if it’s in alignment with your highest good, it will manifest. It all starts with an intention. Don’t worry about the when or how or other details. Allow it to unfold and it will.. naturally.
      Thank you for sharing a bit of your story with me! You seem like a person who learns the best from each experience and I admire you for that.
      I am looking forward to buying your book! hehe

  4. You know Eddie, you make a lot of sense, even though I understand the meaning behind your statement.
    I do find the most amazing peace when I’m creating and the harmony that ensues throughout just as you have stated is priceless.
    Sometimes I get caught between seeking balance and expressing love.. When I go too deeply into my expressions, I seem to be overcome by all kinds of obstacles. Its only when I Stay moving, keep creating and holding those inner dreams with the motivation held and optimize everything that comes my way, do I seem to hold the peace within. To say one I too tired or to waste energy in any form doesn’t play well in my life.. I sometimes feel as though I have these wonderful creations screaming to come out of me as I’m sure you can relate with 🙂
    in my heart there is so much more to come yet, I feel as though I’m destined to bring change in my life. My Dad works as a builder all his life, left himself crippled inside through the hardship of being a kind person in a ruthless industry. I followed through his training and I see how hard life has become. No way should a human being have to suffer so much just to provide for their families so that’s why I’m determined to find a way out for me and for others. Life should be enjoyed, nature should be one with us but yet so many are being separated from the very light that guides us, trapped in the hectic 9-5 slavery. Not many can say they love what they do but that’s where change needs to come. We must all follow our passions in this life for I feel that our passion is the reason we’re here. Creating out of love is powerful through my past experiences so imagine the world doing what they loved rather than what they are ordered to do.
    i always hear that saying in my mind.. ‘ Patience is a virtue, Virtue is a grace, put them both together, you got a pretty face ‘
    Thanks for your mind bending words of encouragement. You made me question a few things going around in my mind.
    Have a great day Eddie! Love and Light,
    Niall 😉

    1. Can I just say, you are an amazing individual, Niall. If i managed to make you question a few things, then my mission is accomplished. hehe
      Yes, I can totally relate to everything you’ve said and funny, my dad worked as a builder too, so I can totally understand what you’re saying.
      You already have the awareness and passionate fire to create the life you want to create for yourself and for others. That’s really all it takes, the rest will just flow, if you allow it to. Keep doing what you do and being who you are, you are already changing things.
      The one thing I admire most in people is passion, and sir, you’ve got a lot of that. 🙂 Thank you for sharing a glimpse of you with me. 🙂
      Love, Wisdom and Power,

      1. Eddie, you most surely are a light in this world! I feel the passion resonating in our conversations too, and that includes your words too 😉
        Its an absolute pleasure to have connected with the wisdom you hold and I’m thankful for your uplifting words which have raised my vibration.
        Your a ❤ sensation! Lolz

        Peace, Love and light 🌈☀


      2. I am grateful as well. Thank you for the ginormous smile you put on my face now. Now that’s a vibration rising right there. lol
        Love, Wisdom and Power to you, brother!


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