~ Ascension Guidance ~ Full Moon in Virgo Message – 5 March 20


Today (and in the next few days as well) we will be going through the Full Moon in Virgo gateway. This is a very auspicious time to transmute outdated emotional patterns that you might still be carrying within. This Full Moon’s energy gives you the opportunity to become aware of those patterns and through that awareness you can dissolve and transcend those emotions. So, observe those patterns and your emotional state in general, if you notice anything that’s making you uncomfortable, go to the root of that and shift from there. There is most likely a lesson of self-love in that pattern and by learning the lesson and growing from it, the pattern will dissolve naturally.

 Feel what there needs to be felt. These lower vibrational emotions are surfacing for a reason and that is for you to acknowledge them, feel them, grow from them and move on. The only way “up” is “through”. This transcendence of lower vibrational emotions is simply part of the process. What’s most important is moving on from that state and not linger in it more than you should. It is an aspect of self-mastery. With a little bit of practice and awareness, it gets easier to transcend these lower vibrational emotions and thoughts that might come up. They come up exactly for that purpose: to be transcended. It is an opportunity to reach a deeper, more balanced, state of Joy ~ Harmony.

It is a time to pay more attention to the balance of the body/mind/spirit. We’re undergoing some deep body changes and that can be quite uncomfortable for many. In order to go through these changes with ease you simply have to make sure you stay hydrated, that is very important for the energy flow, make sure you are properly grounded and simply listen to your body when it tells you it needs to recharge/rest. Eat whatever feels good for you and your body. When you eat what you enjoy and feels good for your body, your Lightbody is happy with it as well. These simple things will facilitate a smooth body change.

I feel like, especially in the spiritual community, people try to make diets and fastings a very “spiritual” and healthy thing to do to when it’s really not the case. Personally, diets and fastings are not something I would put myself through, unless I had some sort of medical condition. I would not force my body to do something it doesn’t want to, instead I treat it with care, which I feel is a lot more effective and beneficial. Most of the time the belief systems around the fact that certain foods “lower your vibration” and make you sick, are more toxic than the food itself.  Don’t get me wrong, I am all about eating healthy, balanced and organic, but people tend to really exaggerate with “ascension diets” and “super spiritual fastings”.

Here’s a new “ascension diet” suggestion: eat whatever feels good for your body and whatever you enjoy. I don’t mean eat fast food every day, cause clearly that would not make your body feel good and would not be most beneficial in the long term either, this is common sense. What I mean is simply listen to your body first of all. Balance is key. As we shift in vibration and frequency our food preferences change naturally.

Food is energy as well. Energy is neutral, not bad, not good, neutral. Your intentions and thoughts towards it make a difference.

With all that being said, eventhough this period feels transformative and a period to pause, reflect and recharge, this morning Spirit showed me a vision that I feel was all about taking action, so basically, everybody has its own unique experience as always.

The vision was about me helping 5 black chicken hatch from their eggs. For me, it meant that my creations are blossoming and starting to take shape. But in general the number 5, which is also this day number, is all about birthing the new, but also those 5 hatching chicken obviously symbolizes the same. So, for some people, the “gestation period” is over and it is time to blossom and take action in the direction in which they want to go, while some still need more time to “cocoon”/transform. The symbolic meaning of black birds is magic, higher Intelligence, living in the higher realms and being in the void, which is where creation happens and the color black actually symbolizes pure potential.

Once again, each with its own unique experience and each in its own divine pace. ~ All is well and as it should. I hope you have a wonderful day and Happy Full Moon! 

Much Love, Wisdom and Power,

Eddie ~ Via Unity Consciousness


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7 thoughts on “~ Ascension Guidance ~ Full Moon in Virgo Message – 5 March 20”

  1. I was just thinking about you Eddie… seriously! Good thoughts like “Eddie’s a human angel” and “He’s got some Saint Germain Violet Flame going on!” It’s ALL good! 🙂 Thanks for another amazing article and photos… Lurv you brother! *hugs* David ❤

  2. Great post bro, it helped me out instantly with a refresher of what was going on today 🙂 “More on track” check out my blog on here by the way let me know what you think of some of the post when you get a chance. Thanks have a great day!

  3. The only thing is in the article I don’t agree completely agree with is the “eat what you like” food thing… Because lower-vibrational foods bring lower vibrations into the body. And that affects the body’s “Unity Consciousness”. It is not something most people can “think themselves out of”. Take a plant… that plant is pure Divine Consciousness… but that if that plant is slowly being poisoned it will wither and probably die “not a very happy plant” That’s all! 😀 Luuurv, David ❤

  4. Let’s be clear: ALL statements about food being “good” or “bad” are simply Beliefs! The whole judgmentality thing is a human invention. Just because certain Beliefs are popular that doesn’t make them into absolute Truth. It’s what you might call “Belief Bullying” that goes on quite often here in the Earth Game.

    As the author said (but quickly confused the point with counter-remarks revealing his (her?) beliefs), energy is neutral. Humans embrace all manner of Belief systems around food and like to argue for those limitations, but the Truth is that YOU decide on the meaning of everything in your physical reality… and I do mean everything! So if you happen to like a certain food that the rest of the world considers “unhealthy,” I bolster you in breaking away from the herd and ignoring them. YOU make the rules about your life. Consensus is overrated!

    1. I could not agree more with you, Debianne. However, if you mean I shared my belief about fast food or whatever, well, I understand that we really are the owners of our own Reality but at the same time we do get influenced one way or another by certain collective beliefs, without us necessarily considering that belief part of our reality. Yes, we do create our reality, but at the same time we CO-create our collective reality. Like for example, you can’t ignore the fact that the stuff that fast food or GMO things are made of can be quite not very beneficial for you on the long term. That is just how it is. Balance and moderation are key for me, but hey, it’s perfectly fine if that’s not your case. I’m all about belief systems busting, so I agree with you as I have stated in the article: eat whatever you enjoy and feels good for you body.. and I’m a he. Eddie. Nice to meet you and thank you for your insight.

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