~ Ascension Guidance/Energy Healing Sessions ~

Recently, I have been guided to make Ascension Guidance/Intuitive Counseling and Energy Healing sessions. This is for the people who are experiencing difficulty in overcoming challenges and moving forward or simply for those who need a little “push” and Clarity on their Ascension Path. So, if you feel guided to and feel like you could benefit from it, in any way, don’t hesitate to contact me.
~ Session Benefits ~
  • Self-empowerment
  • Clarity
  • Spiritual Guidance on your Ascension path ~ Intuitive Counseling
  • Vibrational Energy healing/ Energy transformation
  • Assistance with overcoming challenges/obstacles
  • Relationships assistance
  • Breaking dysfunctional mind patterns and belief systems
  • Expansion
  • Awareness
  • New perspectives
  • Greater Balance
  • Activations
  • Blocks Removal
  • Energy Field Cleansing/Purification/Healing
  • Various Light Invocations to assist you move further on the Path
~ How the sessions are going to take place ~
  The Ascension Guidance part lasts around 60 minutes, unless you need more time. I can be flexible, because I don’t let myself be limited by time. This is the part where we connect, questions are being asked and intuitively answered through my own Divine Guidance.  If you are experiencing any challenges, I AM here to assist you get through them. But at the end of the day, You, yourself, are a God-Spark, capable of overcoming all the challenges that you might  be experiencing on your path and grow from them into a Soul empowered individual. You have everything you need within. I AM here to empower, give you the tools, information, energetic boost and “push” you might need to move forward on your path with grace.
The Ascension Guidance part will happen through typing for many reasons: it allows me to say focused and bring forth the best messages, it allows you to re-read the conversation later when you might need to reread it, to avoid noisy background etc. We can do the session via Facebook, Skype or E-mail, it’s up to you.
After the Ascension Guidance part, I am going to do the energy work (Energy Healing). This will include the chakra/energy field cleansing, blocks removal, energy transmutation, energy healing and various Light Invocations to assist you move forward on your Path. Some of you might receive certain upgrades and activations during it, it’s a different experience for everyone. All in alignment with your Highest Good.  Mostly, it doesn’t take more than 20/30 minutes.
During this time I’d recommend laying down, as the energy integrates and flows smoother when you are in a relaxed state. However, it is not necessary as the benefits will be the same, but people have had a very uplifting experience during the Energy Healing. 
    We are going to be assisted and supported by both our Spirit Guides teams, Angel teams, Medical Teams and, of course, our Higher Selves.
~ Preparation before the session ? ~

Not necessarily. Of course, it can’t hurt to lay down for a few minutes, take a few deep breaths and relax before it begins, but that is up to you.  Also, I recommend writing down the questions or topics you might want to talk about before the session, but again, all up to you.

~ Payment, Schedule and Contact Details ~

 In order to assist and support you and Humanity in general as we go through the Shift I have to support myself as well. The Energy Healing and the Ascension Guidance are included in ONE Session. The cost of it is only 60$. Payment is made in advance through Paypal ( Click on the Buy Now Button for that). After payment is sent, please e-mail me at ascensionguidance@yahoo.com and we will schedule it. Also, if you have more questions about it feel free to ask.

I am looking forward to connecting with you!
Much Love,


~ Testimonials  ~

 ~ Antavia ~ 
” That was wonderful! Just what I needed. The energy moved from my heart chakra to my solar plexus and sacral chakra.

Usually when I mediate or have an energy session, I see blue light only. This time I had a rainbow show. Just as I drifted off to sleep, I felt a male energy and a hand wave over my forehead and wash it with white light. That was new.

I have to share this with you – my stomach has been giving me fits lately. The rainbow show had a lot of yellow and orange light in it. Probably healing my stomach. I’ve never experienced other colors before.

This was a whole new level of energy healing experience.

I’ve had many and done my own, but this is new and different.Thank you so much. I’ll be in touch again. I feel very relaxed. You’ve helped me tremendously today. It was pretty intense. “

~ Kate ~
“ I felt peace, my mind was quiet. I felt a flutter in my Heart Chakra “
~ Carrie ~
 “Thank you so much! It was an amazing experience.I felt such heat and burning sensation in my solar plexis area.I still do.I also felt a burning in my heart area. There was alot of releasing and clearing! I can still feel the energies working!
Thanks again so much for all you have done for me. You are truly blessed with such a wonderful gift! Thanks for sharing I feel so grateful and blessed.„
~ Divinity ~
„Thank you, I felt pressure where I had some serious blocks. Vishuda (throat Chakra)
And serhasrara (crown). Feel fulfilment”
~ Dylan ~
“I feel so much better! I just felt rejuvenated. My mind cleared up like the relief of a headache. My heart feels a little more joyful:). I just want to hug you”
 `~ Melissa ~
„I felt I pressure moving down through me. I saw a lot of violet. Like everything in violet. I saw my dragon fly in, I saw an angel standing there, and two other beings. Idk what they were, but they were the closest to me. Like peering down at me. The pressure felt like it came in from the top and moved downward. It felt like it stopped for a moment at my throat and then moved down to my sacral chakra area and then to my root. I was actually hearing the words about transmuting what no longer serves my highest good. .I was busy watching everyone watch me, lol. And then right before you messaged me all the sudden I was just deeply relaxed. I saw one of the being first, then the dragon flew in, right after that I saw the angel, and the next being. It was extremely awesome!Thank you so so much!! „
~ Debbie ~
„I sure DID feel you. Thank you so much!!!! I had a fantastic meditation and was very peaceful. Then, about 15 minutes into it I felt my vibration lifted higher. It was fabulous „
 ~ Yasmine ~
” There was a lot of movement in my rib cage right side and my whole body was raising vibrations. I saw a hand going in a hand bag with books and underneath a lot of money, lol, it just appeared. Thank you i felt it, through out the whole body. I heard verses of poems i said, and a part of a song too. Now i forget which i have to remember it.I saw my twin flame at some point. I was not thinking much, just hearing the sounds around me, and then this hand and this bag on the ground, with books in it, lifted the book and money was underneath it. “
~ Gabriel ~
“Absolutely amazing. Keep up the great work. I feel a big sense of progress and understanding sweeping over me.
About the energy healing: I feel lighter, refreshed, high vibration, peaceful, and the list could go on forever of all good things.Two main colors I seen while meditating was white around my crown and yellow over my body. Moving around.. And I felt different sensations and tingles. I felt like I was traveling somewhere at a intense speed but it was all comfortable and recognizable. If that makes sense haha “
~ Brandy ~
“I Feel a warming sensation in my stomach which I have been having problems with. My back has Sharp pains but that’s not uncommon.I feel better hands are getting warmer. Burning tingling in my hands legs feet and back. I just got out of the shower. I cannot express to u the love I am feeling. Thank you. I will study and practice all I have learned and all the info you sent to me thank you dear friend.”

33 thoughts on “~ Ascension Guidance/Energy Healing Sessions ~”

  1. I needed some help clearing a blockage from my heart.I meditate and I study om everything I need to but I feel as something in my past is holding me back.Also wanted you to do a healing on me.When I eatvmy stomach hurts really bad and back is always hurting. Thank you,have a bless one.

  2. years ago I asked for enough money for my needs and a little bit left over! This has always been the case , through tough times, hard times and scary times .My wish now is for A LOT left over , not for me, for the people l could help .Will let you know when it becomes my reality xx

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