~ Being in the Flow of Abundance and standing in your Power ~


Horses are symbols of freedom. This totem brings new journeys. It will teach you to ride in new directions and discover your own freedom and power.

Abundance is a confusing subject for many people. Whenever we hear the word “abundance” instantly think about money,and that is correct (on some level) but what does True Abundance really means ?!
             It is all the wonderful blessings in my life for which I am so grateful for:The beautiful loving People around me that care for me, the smile of a stranger, nature and its many riches, those birds that keep singing in front of my window, the butterflies that play joyfully in my neighbour’s garden, my cup of coffee every morning, songs that make my skin go crazy, my team of Spirit guides who is assisting me on my path. I am a sucker for the “little” Simple things that make my Heart smile and that is True Abundance for me. Don’t take them for granted. Express your gratitude for them.
As for the money, I do consider them part of the abundance as abundance takes different shapes and that is one of it.  Money, as eveything else, is just energy. Most of us, especially lightworkers, attribute money with “bad” energy, however not the money is the problem, they are just a tool and a part of our collective reality still, Humanity is the problem, but can also be the solution. As we progress on our collective ascension, people will transcend illusion such as greed or lack or other lower vibrational emotions and thoughts related to money.
Money is not the answer for Humanity. it is a dysfunctional financial system that is dissolving and will dissolve more and more as we progress, I am going to go deeper into this subject in a future post.
               The whole point is to always focus on what you want to create, instead of what you don’t want to create (e.g Fear,Worry). WE are MASTERS! And you are worthy of Everything!
               Also, GRATITUDE is one of the most powerful states of being you can be in, and it assists with the Manifestation of Abundance. Be grateful for all the blessings.Give Thanks!
                  And just in case You don’t see the blessings in your life, get a pen and paper and start writing them down. I’ve been there, done that, found a lot more than I expected, But focusing on what ISN’T, instead of what IS in your life puts a “VEIL” over your eyes.
              Allow yourself to receive, but also to Give. Do you remember that person’s smile and how it made you feel ?! Do the same yourself with someone. Did you ever buy coffee to a stranger ? Do it! Share that happy energy with everyone. It makes a difference. our small acts of Love, Kindness and Compassion make big difference actually. And this is what we want to create in this New Golden Age: An Abundance of Happiness, Peace,Joy, Freedom, Love and Pizza! Lots of Pizza!
Eddie ~ The Bridge to Freedom Crew Member

~ Let Your Inner Light SHINE ~

     As we focus on love, unity, oneness, abundance and everything this New Paradigm represents, and the old paradigm of Fear,Pain,Suffering,Greed dissolves. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t acknowledge the Old, we do, but let go of it.
 So, let’s all make clear simple intentions and hold those intentions. 
        Re-discover yourself by following your heart, your passions,what brings you Joy and have the courage to go with it! If you follow your heart, it can’t ever be wrong no matter how you  perceive it in that moment, or how others do, you just have to TRUST YOURSELF, and your heart.
This is the Golden Age of Aquarius,it’s time we free ourselves(within first) as we will have infinite potential once we step into our power as One. It’s only the beginning !
So KUDOS to Us, All of Us, as we have come a long way to this Now moment.
Much Love,
Eddie ~ The Bridge to Freedom Crew Member

This blog is about empowering You to step into your potential as a Source Spark/Co-Creator Being of the Era of Love and Harmony. It is time ❣